Designer Q&A: Davy Rudolph, Squarespace

Published:  January 14, 2013
Designer Q&A: Davy Rudolph, Squarespace

As part of our regular interview series, we visit New York to speak with Davy Rudolph, a designer and illustrator who’s been working in digital, print and environmental design for the past seven years. He’s currently the design lead at Squarespace, focusing mainly on web design and branding. We ask him about a few of his favourite things…

Age: 27
Gender: Male
Location: New York

Last television series you obsessively watched? Duck Dynasty. I couldn’t turn it off over holiday break. It’s like a beautiful train wreck.

Secret shame? I sometimes listen to John Mayer. But honestly, I couldn’t give less of a shit about what others think. I hate seeing people being shamed for the things that they connect to, whether it’s emotionally or spiritually. Be yourself. Love who you are and accept others for who they are. We’d all be better off that way.

What was your last online purchase? I bought a coat. My wife says I buy too many coats.

Poison of choice? Long Trail IPA. Any pale ale really.

Fail proof recipe? Pancakes.

What do you collect? Coats.

Favourite brand of stationery? Apple. My iPhone has been my notepad ever since I bought the first one.

Where’s the best place to get a meal in your neighbourhood? There’s a place around the corner from my apartment called Rustique that has the best Margherita pizza.

What was your first job? Knife Salesman.

What’s your morning regime? Coffee. Nothing much else happens until the coffee. 

Can you make desktop a five-song playlist?
I Saw the Messed Binds of My Generation – Joan of Arc,
Clara – Punch Brothers,
Cut Not Self – Faraquet,
Softer – Frank Schweikhardt,
Change The Sheets – Kathleen Edwards.

Best phone app? Instagram.

Next holiday destination? San Francisco.

Three things currently on your wish list? A Best Made Axe, an Espresso machine, and a bigger salary to afford those things.

Tea or coffee?

Pet hate? All pets…

Typeface of the moment? I don’t like to play favorites with my tools.

What’s your motto? Don’t take yourself too seriously and make things you love.

Favourite Pantone colour? Cool Grey 5

How do you get around? My feet. Got rid of my car soon after moving to New York.

Last book you read? Execute by Josh Long.

Design hero? My buddy Tyler Thompson has always blown me away. He’s taught me a ton too.

Who was your last phone conversation with? A guy named Ted.

Davy Rudolph

Thumbnail image: photo by Tara Rudolph.

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