Designer Q&A: Michelle Leslie

Published:  July 19, 2012
Designer Q&A: Michelle Leslie

Each month desktop sits down with a local designer to find out a few of his/her favourite things. This month we spoke to Michelle Leslie.

Working from a shared space with Studio Bomba in Perth, freelance designer Michelle Leslie shares a few of her favourite things.


31/female/Mount Hawthorn, Perth.

Last television series you obsessively watched?
True Blood.

Secret shame?
I like trashy TV shows like True Blood.

What was your last online purchase?
It’s pretty geeky, but I have to admit it was paid plug-ins for WordPress.

Poison of choice?
Gin and tonic.

Fail proof recipe?
Lentil soup.

Favourite brand of stationery?
Paperways, which is dangerous because I can buy it from the shop at the front of our studio.

What was your first job?
Delivering phone books.

Best phone app?

What’s your morning regime?
Struggle to wake up (I’m not a morning person), get dressed, have a coffee, eat cereal, check my email on my phone, drive to the studio, have another coffee.

Can you make desktop a five song playlist?
Sheila – ‘Papa t’es plus dans l’coup
Phoenix – ‘Too Young’
The Postal Service – ‘Such Great Heights’
Stereolab – ‘Bop Scotch’
Bat for Lashes – ‘Glass’

Last book you read?
The Go-Between by L.P. Hartley.

Three things currently on your wish list?
A new laptop, yellow shoes and a leather case for my camera.

What’s your motto?
A little daydreaming can be good for your health.

Where’s the best place to get a meal in your neighbourhood?
The Imp Café (although I may be a bit biased because I was lucky enough to work on their branding). Great food and coffee and they’re open late, which is a bonus in Perth.

Typeface of the moment?
Jessica Hische’s custom typeface for Wes Anderson’s latest movie, Moonrise Kingdom. It’s lovely.

What do you collect?
Receipts, now that I work for myself.

Favourite Pantone colour?
Today it’s 198U.

How do you get around?
My trusty Honda Civic.

Next holiday destination?
I’ve just been to Dublin for the OFFSET conference, so my holiday funds are a bit depleted for the foreseeable future.

Design hero?
Kevin Finn. He was my AGDA mentor while I was studying and I really admire his honesty and the way that he thinks.

Michelle Leslie

From desktop magazine.

Image copyright Nic Montagu.

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