desktop’s 5: hand-lettering artists to watch on Instagram

Published:  June 25, 2015
Issac Teh

Hand-lettering and typography are all the rage now on social media. We simply can’t get enough of those witty catchphrases set in effortless hand drawn type forms.

If you’re looking to step up your lettering game, we have just the thing for you. After scouring the deep realms of the Internet, we present our very own list of hand-lettering heavyweights to follow on Instagram.



Gemma O’Brien
@mrseaves101 | 51.2k followers | Sydney

Gemma is the undisputed queen of hand-lettering; her style of hand-lettering goes from clean and simple to a full blown art piece in a heartbeat. Her Instagram account is not only a showcase of the Volcom ambassador’s lettering work but also her adventures around the world, teaching and working on commissions. It’s also a great place to check out “The Spew Bag Challenge”, her brainchild, which we’ve featured here.

maybelleimasa_instagramMaybelle Imasa-Stukuls
@maybelleimasa | 22.3k followers | San Francisco

An artist and calligrapher whose Instagram is a true reflection of her style, Maybelle represents a more organic and rustic school of lettering. The images in her Instagram exude an austere vibe with elements of nature complementing her lettering work. This talented artist also illustrates plants and flowers in a style that is reminiscent of old-school scientific journals. Other snapshots showcase unique calligraphy tools and kits built by her woodworker husband - lucky her! Also a teacher, Maybelle shares snapshots of classrooms, process work and loves to give her followers a look behind-the-scenes at how type is created.

kenbarber_instagramKen Barber
@typelettering | 17.9k followers | Delaware

Ken Barber is a typeface designer and letterer at House Industries, his account is a catalogue of sorts for different styles of type. This assortment makes it a superb source of inspiration for hand-lettering enthusiasts and students. His images usually feature a typographic piece at some stage of the creative process. Every so often revealing how the piece ends up as a final print. Throw in a few videos and this Instagram account is a masterclass on superior type.

bobewing_instagramBob Ewing
@bobewing_ | 12.4k followers | Indianapolis

Bob is a letterer and designer with a great sense of humour. His work is clean and simple, choosing to handle script type with traces of retro-graffiti influences. When he does really hit Instagram gold however, is when he photographs his typographic work together with his kids for special occasions. A peek into the life of a working designer, his account is an reminder that there’s something to be creating type for everyday.


Martina Flor
@martinaflor | 12.4k followers | Berlin

Martina is a true typography maven. There is nothing she can’t do! From simple yet dynamic serif forms to big, intricate, sometimes three-dimensional script and cursive pieces. Her Instagram feed is a plethora of brightly coloured typographic art. That is one thing that sets her apart from the others in this category, she works with a great deal of colour in her finished work and she isn’t afraid to experiment with different combinations and applications.

Photo Credits: @mrseaves101, @maybelleimasa, @typelettering, @bobewing_, @martinaflor

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