desktop’s 5: Illustrators you need to follow on Instagram

Published:  November 10, 2015
Maggie Hellyer

For many of us who are creatively limited when it comes to drawing, (my personal best is stick figures with curly hair), we can do nothing but stay in our lane and admire those who display illustrative talent from afar. For your enjoyment and for the sake of beefing up your daily scroll, we have composed a quick list of our favourite illustrators on Instagram at the moment.



Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.13.46 pm

Charlotte Molas | @charlottemolas

Charlotte Molas is a French illustrator who can take any context whether it is a cheeky pop culture reference or the aesthetics of ancient history, and present it in her own unique illustrative brand of Parisian vintage flair.


Alex Hotchin |  @alexhotchin

If intricate landscapes and architectural structures are your thing then Melbourne made Alex Hotchin is a great addition to your Instagram feed. Hotchin’s use of pencil, pen and markers will leave your eyes fizzled with delight seeking out the labyrinthine like details of his illustrations.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.48.00 pm

Chloe Kovska | @ckovska

Chloe Kovska creates kinky cartoonish illustrations with a vintage element. Ever colourful and tongue-in-cheek Kovska’s handiworks are incredibly visually engaging and will provide a bit of entertainment to your daily scroll.


David Downton | @daviddownton

The one and only British born David Downton is famous for his elegant fashion illustrations. Much of his work is featured in Vogue, and with two published books behind him he is internationally renowned and acclaimed.

jeremykyle1Jeremy Kyle | @jeremykyleart

New Zealand based Jeremy is the king of watercolour and perfectly captures the energy of his subjects no matter what they may be.


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