desktop’s 5: Inspiring comic book artists on Instagram

Published:  July 27, 2015
Issac Teh

Comic books give us a glimpse into a world where the extraordinary exists. With more big titles hitting movie screens in recent years, the rise of the Superhero is hard to ignore. In spite of the computer graphics and realistic effects, die-hard fans are always mindful that the characters and storylines first originated in comic books. desktop decides to go right to the source of creativity and curate a list of five comic book artists whose Instagram accounts will spur you to pick up a pencil and start sketching.


J Scott Campbell
@jscottcampbellart | 116k followers | USA

Known for his work with Wildstorm Productions and being the creator of Danger Girl, Jeffery Scott (as he was first known in the industry) does get around, having also worked on covers for Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man. His Instagram feed includes some behind-the-scenes content featuring pencil drawings and the process of inking. Some common themes include Spiderman, X-men, Star Wars and of course quite a few femme fatales across the board. Follow him if you like to see artwork in it’s different stages and can appreciate exceptional line art.


Joe Vriens
@joverine | 81k followers | Canada

It is clear from scrolling through Joe’s Instagram feed, that he draws great monsters. Of course he illustrates other subjects as well, some humans and the occasional animal, but it’s hard not to notice how well he does with other-worldly creatures. A freelance artist & illustrator with a focus on character and creature design, Joe has worked with some big names like SEGA, Capcom and Microsoft. Follow Joe to feel like a creature is about to crash through your device’s screen.


Marcio Takara
@marciotakara | 64.2k followers | Brazil

A quick glance through this Instagram feed and you can immediately pick out all your favourites in one place – Iron Man, Robin, Spiderwoman, Captain Marvel, Invisible Woman and more than we have space to mention. Marcio also uploads process work and videos of himself inking and making it look oh-so-easy. Currently working on “Armor Wars” for Marvel Comics, he is definitely someone very relevant with a great illustration style as well. Click the ‘follow’ button if you love classic superhero characters immortalised in great artistic mediums and styles.

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Todd Nauck
@toddnauck | 58.2k followers | USA

Todd Nauck is the artist behind the best-selling comic book for the last decade! That is just one part of a prolific body of works and projects. He does something pretty unique on his Instagram – post-it sketches. Every so often he draws a superhero’s headshot on a post-it, complete with some ink and minimal colour. Prepare to be blown away by the amount of detail and depth he manages to capture within that small space. He also does some full-blown art pieces and loves to share the materials he uses to create them. Follow Todd if you want to find out the secret tools of the trade.


Greg Tocchini
@gregtocchini | 14.4k followers | Brazil

Co-creator of a new aquatic sci-fi comic book series called entitled Low, Greg’s Instagram account takes you to a completely different world. Unlike the other artists in this list, his feed features layouts and scenes from actual comic books, they act as visual trailers provoking you to want to read the full comic. Many of the images featured are from Low, the scenes draw you in and make you want to know what the rest of the story is. His style of illustration is very modern and the colouring is painterly and surreal. If you’re someone who’d like a few minutes to escape from reality every now and then, you might find that in Greg’s Instagram feed.

Photo Credits: @jscottcampbellart@joverine@marciotakara@toddnauck@gregtocchini

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