desktop’s Top 10 Projects for 2011

Published:  December 27, 2011
desktop’s Top 10 Projects for 2011

This year is drawing to a close, so we’ve decided to take a look at the projects which grabbed your attention on in 2011 and got you talking.

We’ve spent some time  studying the analytics and general feedback, and present, the most read projects on Project Wall in 2011. The projects range from major rebrands to exhibition pieces to installations. Read more below:

1. Stop Flooding My Record Collection
STUDIO: Alan Crowne
CLIENT: Stop Flooding My Record Collection

Stop Flooding My Record Collection

2. Sydney Mardi Gras Rebrand
STUDIO:  Moon Communications Group
CLIENT: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Sydney Mardi Gras 2012 branding.

3. Giggle and Hoot – Sweet Dreams Tonight
STUDIO:  zspace
CLIENT:  ABC Children’s Television

Sweet Dreams Tonight still.

4. Adioso rebranding and promotions
STUDIO:  Carter Digital
CLIENT:  Adioso

Valentine's Day promotional image for Adioso.

5. Sustainability Report 2010
STUDIO:  Seesaw
CLIENT:  Finsbury Green

2010 Sustainability Report.

6. Jesse Smith Photographer Branding
STUDIO:  Alan Crowne
CLIENT:  Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith identity.

7. Queenslake letterpress exhibition
STUDIO:  The Hungry Workshop

One of the exhibition's limited run letterpress prints.

8. Mark Roper Photography
STUDIO:  Salmon Design
CLIENT:  Mark Roper Photography

Mark Roper identity.

9. Urban Attitude rebrand
STUDIO:  Fabio Ongarato Design
CLIENT:  Urban Attitude

Urban Attitude identity.

10. A Thousand Paper Cranes
STUDIO:  trialanderror
CLIENT:  Metta Scents

Metta Scents' paper crane window display.

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