Exchange — Frost x Brown

Published:  November 5, 2012
Heath Killen
Exchange — Frost x Brown

Today we’re introducing a brand new, ongoing feature called Exchange.

The basic idea behind Exchange is to create a design dialogue between an emerging and an established talent. The two participants each provide an original design to the other, and they are then challenged to remix the exchanged work in their own style.

Through this project, we’re investigating the different ways in which designers approach the same problem and seeing what we can learn from these new perspectives. We hope this will help develop critical thinking, stimulate new ideas, and result in some interesting visual responses between designers at different stages of their careers.

Kicking off the first Exchange are Vince Frost and Luke Brown. Earlier this year Luke won a mentorship with Vince as a part of SOYA 365, and here Luke has remixed one of Vince’s seminal pieces of work – the cover for the first issue of Zembla magazine. In turn, Vince has remixed a poster designed by Luke for the launch of a new publication called Higher Arc.

Zembla Magazine (Vince Frost)

Zembla Remix (Luke Brown)

Here’s Luke Brown rationale on his remix of Vince Frost’s work:

Vince’s work for Zembla magazine was the first publication layout that really inspired me as a young design student. It didn’t stink of distressed type, it was clean yet dynamic and unique, I loved it. 10 years later and i’m being asked to remix it … Crazy. My approach was to firstly not shit my pants.

But take some of the elements from the cover, tweak, change and re-create them in a totally new way. I had always wanted to find a way to use Arete-Mono, but never could because any time I used it, it instantly looked too ‘Zembla’, It’s funny how a designer through application can end up owning a typeface, grid system or layout. So I took the typeface and all the information and discarded any of the layout.

I wanted to totally remix the cover in a new way. Whilst hinting at the late 90s early 2000′s design era it was born from and making it my own in 2012. Making it bold, punk, of course a bit daggy and a bit fun. Turning the Z from Zembla on it’s side creating an N, flipping the M making a W, creating the word ‘New’ from ‘Zem’ bring Zembla into a ‘new’ context ‘New Bla Bla Bla Bla’.

Basically having fun with innuendoes and type exploration. There are little facets, oddities and humor in this remix, but i’ll leave them for exploration instead of pointing them out. The one thing I wanted to do with this remix was to have fun. And I did.

Higher Arc Launch Poster (Luke Brown)

Higher Arc Poster Remix (Vince Frost)

Here’s Vince Frost on his remix of Luke Brown’s work.

We drew a parallel between the name of the magazine, Higher Arc, and the illustration by Thomas Jeppe, as well as the physical form of the magazine. It was photocopied and designed in an ‘idea over appearance’ manner, to keep with the DIY, almost punk spirit of the publication.

Coming up: Alphabet v Thomas Fethers

If you’d like to participate in the Exchange project, please get in touch.

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