Feature: Still Life With Self

Published:  July 11, 2013
Heath Killen

Back in April, we invited nine Australian and international designers to contribute an original self portrait – revealing something about their personal or professional identity. Some took this as an opportunity to make a serious statement about the nature of identity and how it relates to their work, while others took an intimate snapshot of their current place and time. Ultimately all participants approached the project from a different angle, with results that are as unique and surprising as the subjects.

Georgia Perry

The trick of graphic design is that you are being Yourself and using that creativity and skill to inhabit the mind of Someone Else to communicate for them.

Sean Batchelor

You can’t trust the masses with your vision. It stunts growth, creates walls, and leads to more empty work. This is contrary to how we are taught to think. The creative mind must be explored fully, independent from outside sources (inspiration and opinion). Then the work can fully flourish. If not, it will perish to some degree.

Michael Cina

One of my Favorite times of day is 5pm — Peppa Pig time

Jane Reiseger

Moving away from Australia has led me to question how place (country) shapes my personal identity, and all of the cultural symbols, assumptions and rituals that we define and measure ourselves and others by.

Gem Copeland

When I was a child, my mother loved to read to me highly artistic storybooks with beautiful illustrations. She felt a little disappointed discovering my drawn self-portrait as a "Mickey Mouse" at the first parents evening in the Kindergarden. It seems that I ever since was more fascinated by the pop-culture than by the fine arts.

Lopetz / Buro Destruct

When I was a kid my Mum taught me many great things, including how to hulahoop. We used to hoop together while she watched Coronation Street. These days I work at a standing desk and while I wait for big files to save, I hoop to get the blood flowing.

Kelly Thompson

I think about myself far too much

Paul Marcus Fuog

Steve Byram

This article was first published in Desktop #292 — Who Are You?

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