Fjord on service design, living services and what they mean

Published:  February 12, 2016
Jamuna Raj

Businesses today are challenged by the demand for seamless services that react in real time and this can be solved by the use of both analytics and design.

It’s a new world for everyone. Consumers now demand personalised services, brand experiences that translate across both the real and digital worlds and experiences that suit and change to their preferences. That is, they want services to be ‘living’.


‘Living services’ are services that are able to learn and change to suit the needs of the users, almost as though they’re real-time observers. Think wearable tech and even music streaming services such as Spotify.

“There are two driving forces for living services – the digitisation of everything and liquid consumer expectations. And now living services can be delivered at scale,” explains Fjord Australia’s group director, Bronwyn van der Merwe.

But will this affect brands?

“Living services will disrupt the traditional branding of businesses. The relationship between brands and consumers will change with more personalised services offered, so that consumers are delighted at every touch point of that service.”

Van der Merwe adds that to achieve this, design is key. “Businesses now will have to think deeply about service design and look at the whole ecosystem and how people experience their brands.”

Service design is Fjord’s speciality. It has been working with businesses to create a roadmap of their customers’ journeys and delivering service design methodologies that are desirable, suitable and viable for businesses.


“But service design isn’t just about the consumer, but also the employee. They are two sides of a coin. To have a wholesome brand experience, the employee is a factor and businesses have to account for that when mapping their services,” adds van der Merwe.

This article first appeared in the desktop-Pause special.

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