For Hire: Ben Siero

Published:  April 23, 2013
For Hire: Ben Siero

For Hire is a new regular feature where we’ll be showcasing emerging designers who are actively looking for work.
Today we’re joined by Ben Siero.

Siero graduated in 2011 from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia with a BA in Graphic Design. During his studies he freelanced and worked on small projects for clients such as MCRI over in Melbourne. After graduating, he considered an honours degree, but opted for international travel and overseas work experiences. In June 2012 he had a two week trial with Fabrica in Treviso, Italy. Following this, he started a three month internship (which was extended to six months) at Edenspiekermann in Berlin.

“I really enjoyed the work in Berlin, but after my time there I realised that there are also great opportunities to work with world-class designers here in Australia.” said Siero on his time in Europe.

Now based in Melbourne, Siero says he is open to any and all work opportunities. “Because I’m in a new city, freelance and part-time work in several studios would be a great way to gain an understanding of the way that different studios work. However, if full time work were to come up I would jump at the chance. There’s nothing quite like belonging to a tight-knit team and building strong relationships that create great work over and over again.”

Siero values trust, communication, professionalism, and collaboration, mentioning the Blair Enns book ‘Open Manifesto’ as an inspiration. He also says that one of his most memorable projects to date was the design for his Opa’s (Dutch for grandfather) autobiography.

“More than ten years ago my Father gave my Opa a blank book and asked him to write his story, so he did. My Father then typed it up, over 45,000 words worth, we both edited it with some family help and I then designed the layout of his story, incorporating scanned and retouched photography, and illustrative typographic section pages. This project was without a doubt the most personal, interesting and most valuable I have ever worked on. As we were into the mockups of the book, my Opa passed away, which of course made the project even more valuable to me and my family.”

As a young designer (23) with some solid industry experience under his belt, Siero believes he is ready to take on new challenges and is eager to learn more too. He also says that he has a particular passion for branding, and finds that his drawing skills are of particular use here.

“For me, there is something relaxing about having a pen, pencil or marker in hand.”

Beyond that, Siero’s skills also extend to juggling and ‘dad jokes’. Take a look at some of his work below.

Opa's Story - A personal project handwritten by my Opa, typed up by my father and designed by myself.

Opa's Story - A personal project handwritten by my Opa, typed up by my father and designed by myself.

Branding for Merz & McLellan residential development.

Branding for Merz & McLellan residential development.

Branding and packaging design for Voi natural handmade skincare.

Branding for Kings Park and Botanical Garden, Perth, Australia.

Branding for Kings Park and Botanical Garden, Perth, Australia.

Personal illustration

"Pear" poster and illustration

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