For Hire: Micheal Hanly

Published:  May 13, 2013
For Hire: Micheal Hanly

For Hire is a new regular feature where we showcase emerging designers who are actively looking for work.

This month we’re joined by Micheal Hanly.

Hanly comes to us from New Zealand. He graduated with a Bachelor of Design from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand in the middle of the financial crisis, and was faced with the prospect of finding work in an industry where studios where letting go of more designers than they were hiring.

“I remember our head of department speaking to us before we began our graduation exhibition projects. He told us to use the opportunity to really present ourselves to the industry in an incredibly tough job climate.”

After leaving university, Hanly spent just under a year getting work experience with magazines, ad agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, and design studios such as Seven and Supply. He then landed a permanent role with Beyond Design where he stayed until moving to Melbourne in early 2012. Since then he’s been freelancing for prestigious Australian studios such as Buro North, A Friend of Mine, Hunter, and 3 Winged Fly.

“One of the most memorable experiences in my career has been working with Suzy Tuxen at A Friend of Mine. The experience was a real eye-opener in that I got to observe and learn from her process which made me reassess how I approach my work. She was a great mentor.”

Hanly is now seeking a full-time job with a studio that can help him develop and take his work to the next level. In addition to possessing formidable deign skills for someone his age, and having worked with some of the best designers in Australian and New Zealand, Hanley comes with foundational art and drawing skills, as well as a real passion for publishing.

“I’d love to design an artist book. Book design is something I haven’t dabbled in much but I’d like to be able to work within a narrative, especially when telling the story of an artist. I imagine it must be rewarding to have something physcial at the end of the process, something solid to hold in your hand.”

When reflecting on his background, and what makes him a unique designer, Hanly had this to say:

“That’s a tough one. I would say that growing up in a family of creative types has perhaps been what makes me unique. My grandfather is the late Pat Hanly who devoted his life to painting, using his art as a means to generate political and social change. My grandmother too was a political activist and documentary photographer who captured some siginificant moments in New Zealand history in the ‘60s and ‘70s. My childhood home doubled as a design studio as my parents are stained glass artists, creating enormous windows for projects that sometimes take years at a time. I’ve been exposed to an amazing network of artists and craftsmen – people that have had a huge influence on me as designer.”

Get in touch with Micheal directly here.
See some examples of his work below.

Lime Rock - wine label.

DOME - branding & signage.

DOME - branding & signage.

Identity for bathroom and kitchen renovation specialist, Project360.

Matthew Pont - Garden Landscaping & Drafting

Illustration for Circus / Mystery Island / Magic themed ISite Media End of year Party.

Typographic work for No Magazine.

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