Fresh: Brooke Thorn

Published:  November 22, 2013


A graduate from Melbourne’s transformative Old School New School for Graphic Design and Typography, Brooke Thorn dreamed, hand-rendered and drew her way through the course. Here, she shares one of her graphic design projects completed with her new skills.


The course: The roots of Old School are fundamentally different to larger design institutions. It is driven by a single person, Veronica Grow, who clearly has a passion for design and education. The assignments are constantly reviewed to ensure relevancy and cover typography, photography and the ‘hand-made’. It abides by cutting edge design thinking, investigating how designers can engage communities with participatory design projects.


The project: Sooz was a fellow graduate graphic designer. The identity was a comprehensive branding strategy describing her professional personality. It evolved into an edgy series of branding symbols that reference alchemic processes and distillation – boiling something down to a clear idea. The outcome was a series of hand-illustrated symbols, which were used to build a kit of parts for Sooz’s professional identity.

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