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Published:  February 20, 2015

At the end of each week we’ll be rounding-up the best things we saw or did or stumbled upon over the past 7 days — with an editorial selection and the picks of a guest. This week our assistant editor Lucy Waddington has teamed up with desktop relaunch contributor Dan Pike from The Letter D, to bring you this week’s Things on Friday:



Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 9.40.28 am

Welcome to mi casa

So my level of domesticity has turned up a notch over the week, not only did I wince at the suggestion of rain when I remembered I had fresh laundry on the line, I also bought a mattress and a can opener. Preparing to move house (yet again) has got my mind on linen, side tables and doormats — the one above by NYC-based Icelandic designer Hlynur Atlason is almost too pretty for foot scrubbing, but heck, these are the sacrifices I’ll have to make as an adult.


Can o’ cat beer

And so continues the saga in which I can’t formulate a list without bringing up something Japanese or ready for consumption. And so here we have both those things in one: cat beer. Well, Wednesday Cat (if you want to be more precise with translation). It seems to be a lovely “Belgian White Beer Style” brew but it wasn’t the wheaty body or citrus tang that won me over, it was the charming prospect of a new feline friend.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.14.00 am

Supergraph and the Paper Beast

We were kindly invited to Supergraph’s media briefing last Friday for a sneak preview of the weekend wonders to come. So like an unsupervised child, I had the pleasure of bouncing around the Melbourne Exhibition Building for a few hours, before I was stopped by the magic works of Carla McRae (aka The Paper Beast). She’s now atop the list to design my next tattoo.


The pick me up downfall

It’s been over a fortnight now since I subscribed to Melbourne’s newest city-wide coffee club: for only $15 a week you can chug as many cups of Joe as you can handle. Yep, that’s right, an unlimited source — the fountain of youth, that sweet roast, rivers of Bonsoy — available across town at a number of notable cafes. But as someone who doesn’t necessarily even drink that much coffee, but who tries to squeeze the value out of everything, I find myself on the threshold of an unnecessary addiction. I realised I’m spending more money on coffee than I am on my phone bill, which might be a sign that I need to tap that unsubscribe button.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.20.29 am

What time is it?

The Doctor Martens x Adventure Time collaboration has me cast under the classic “I didn’t know I wanted them until I saw them” spell, and thus, rendered me basically useless. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about ditching the real world to live in a treehouse with Finn and Jake.



Space, the final frontier

Freakin’ laser type

The boys at U–P tipped Twitter off to Grilli Type’s latest release GT Cinetype, just as I was hunting for CAD-based typefaces for an architecture awards book I’m currently putting together. Like all good promos, it looks like they had a bundle of fun with the mini-site, and picked the perfect way to promote a new typeface based on laser-erased subtitles for film.


Typography Summer Soirée

This week Fraser Muggeridge swung through Brisbane, after finishing his first Typography Summer School in Melbourne last week. I managed to get along to Künstler on Tuesday night to see him talk about his various projects and processes, along with a few interesting anecdotes of mashing typefaces together and prioritising clients’ content over a signature style. One highlight was the story of how their commission for the Wolfe brothers’ film Catch Me Daddy began and ended, with the design tricks employed in between.


Diving for Doves

Earlier that day my wife sent me a story about a designer, Robert Greene, who dove into the River Thames for a typeface, and has spent the past two years recreating and researching its origins. I won’t butcher the story any further, as Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan does a much better job — telling the story that is, not butchering it — here.

toko x massimo

Standard issue

Recently, I also dove down into the murky depths (of the internet) looking for a typeface, after noticing the numbers on Toko’s recent poster celebrating Massimo Vignelli were too funky to be Helvetica. It’s a cracking poster, scattering the New York Subway’s colourful icons as a reference to confetti and celebration. I have to admit that until now I had assumed the NY Subway’s typeface was Helvetica, given Vignelli’s penchant for the font. So after a bit of diving and digging, I found this article from 2008, which pre-dates the recent revival of the NY Transit Authority’s Graphic Standards Manual and outlines the actual typeface: Standard.

CAP_LITP_CoverLittle Ps 2

Fifth five

My fifth five is a toss-up between the launch of a children’s board book I’ve been working on with my wife, released by Capital P this week. Called Little P’s, it’s an alliteration of illustrations for young and old alike. A personal project of ours to illustrate, print and bind a board book in our home town of Brisbane, Australia. If you know anyone who had a really successful Valentine’s Day, you may want to grab them one, or three.

Sorry, I got side-tracked self-spruiking and forgot what the other toss-up was … never mind. Have a great weekend!

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