Introducing: Studio Yardbird

Published:  June 17, 2013
Introducing: Studio Yardbird

Welcome to Introducing, a semi-regular feature where we’ll be sharing brand new studios, startups, and significant projects from Australia and its neighbours.

Studio Yardbird is the moniker of Melbourne-based graphic designer Stephanie Mulder. Mulder graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Communication Design from Swinburne University in 2008, and over the past six years has worked for David Lancashire Design. Mulder describes her time there as “a journey of discovery, education, innovation and of great personal growth”.

Her transition from junior to senior designer has allowed for the development of technical and conceptual skills, as well as developing a professional relationship with clients and suppliers. The experience has also given her insight into running a design business at the highest level.

Yardbird was the nickname of the late American saxophonist and composer Charlie Parker – one of the most influential jazz musicians in history. As a saxophone player for seventeen years, music has remained a particular source of information and inspiration for Mulder, and Parker is a personal favourite.

For Mulder, design is more than a career, and music and travel are more than just pastimes — they are passions. Studio Yardird is positioned to combine Mulders passions and “to create and communicate new ideas and designs that trigger curiosity, evoke emotions and encourage change.”

Farm Junk - EP cover for a personal music project by Melbourne musician Jared Brentnall.

2012 marked the reinvention of the Premier’s Design Awards, ensuring better recognition for Victoria’s design professionals and reflecting a stronger commitment from the Victorian Government to building Victoria’s design excellence. The renewed awards program required a new brand and trade mark. The icon recalls Victoria’s heritage (stemming from the floral and faunal emblems) and symbolises design excellence and distinction. (Completed at DLD)

“Life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise.” The 2011 AGDA Poster Annual theme was ‘Inspired by Music’.

What’s on at McClelland (Completed at DLD)

Spirit in the Land is a NETS Victoria and McClelland Gallery+Sculpture Park touring exhibition. (Completed while at DLD)

Brand identity and poster for a local Melbourne vintage clothing trader.

The studio undertakes a range of challenging design projects for many client types. The outcomes are a mix of functional and practical designs that maintain a playful and experimental presentation, echoing an adventurous design development and problem solving process.

Studio Yardbird encourages a collaborative approach throughout the design process, to not only ensure a project outcome which best fulfils the client’s vision, but provides the opportunity for clients to learn about the design process, at the same time sharing details about their own craft.

Studio Yardbird is a conglomerate of design projects, including independent freelance work as well as projects completed as Senior Designer at David Lancashire Design. Relevant DLD projects have been credited accordingly.

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