iOS 7 — Australian & international designers weigh in

Published:  June 11, 2013
iOS 7 — Australian & international designers weigh in

The reactions to Apple’s latest product announcements have been flying in thick and fast, and as always it’s a mixed bag. While some have been praising the company’s abandonment of the skeuomorphic visual style that has been a (divisive) hallmark of the iPhone’s interface design, others have been more critical. Reactions also seem tempered by the revelations about Prism, which rocked the technology world last week.

We’ve selected a few highlights from Twitter this morning, comments from the local and international design community – reflecting the humour and diversity of opinions that have been expressed so far:

“hanging out to see how hard the skeuomorphic pendulum swings back when we all have adaptive haptic microtextured touch displays in 2023″ — @poisontofu

“The sound of a million iOS designers deleting layer styles in unison” — @nevolution

“In defence of Apples skeuomorphic design it did set them apart from their competitors. Now they look like everyone else.” — @MCPlace

“Wonder which son of Jonathan Ive designed iOS 7″ — @mrjamesnoble

“*insert critical remark about iOS7 without having used the interface*” — @julianhutton

“Watch before your very eyes as an industry’s hatred of skeuomorphic design turnes into a hatred of flat design.” — @MikeFTW

“Feel not so compelled to champion Apple ‘s “innovation” today in light of #prism” — @TravisStearns

“On first impressions, really do not like the look of #iOS7.”— @JesseMallon

“On a second look, really really really do not like the look of #iOS7.” — @JesseMallon

“Dat ashtray #macpro” — @benjennings_au

“I mostly like the design changes of iOS7, but those icons are a damn mess.” — @ryanstannage

“thank god apple’s skeumorphic era is over — they seem to have taken a cue from google: … #WWDC13” — @jack_self

“iOS 7 displays restraint in design.” — @thefoxisblack

“Loving the shit out of the new Mac Pro – looks like a computer from Tron.” — @clintonduncan

“Breaking News: Apple runs out of cat names” — @jeremyrsaunders

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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