Kurppa Hosk’s new website, new work and new successes

Published:  November 21, 2014

“Conversations and discussions are core,” explains Kurppa Hosk’s new website. “Great ideas are often found at the intersection of opinions and skill…”

The well-established Swedish design studio has set itself apart with its new website, concisely distilling why they work the way they work, emphasising a belief in beauty as much as they emphasise design decisions and business understanding.

“We believe that beautiful design is a purpose in itself, building stronger emotional bonds between people and brands. This is why we find a lot of our inspiration in arts and culture, and why we only hire the best craftspeople.”

The site’s updated portfolio of work stands as testament to these beliefs. From the socially-responsible project for Spread The Sign, the entrepreneurial spirit of Blippsy, to the modern heritage branding of Korshags, an engaging balance between simplicity and risk, modernity and dynamism is thoughtfully struck. We take a look through some of their recent projects:

Kurppa Hosk completed the playful but functional brand strategy, brand identity, digital design and user experience of the disruptively-helpful app, Blippsy. The studio explain that the app is a potential new form of currency that defers payment from the consumer, if they take part business offers, thought up by some Swedish entrepreneurs. “Instead of paying for food or books or clothing using your credit card, you pay by agreeing to test drive a new car, prolonging your electricity contract or signing up for a new cellphone subscription,” they wrote. “By simply clicking on a Blippsy widget while visiting an e-shop, you register your payment. This creates a three-way win: The participating companies win new (or more loyal) customers. The consumers win discounts on their purchases. E-shops win increased consumer purchases. And, of course, Blippsy wins by being the go-between.”

The studio was invited to do the brand strategy, brand identity and digital concept for Spread The Sign — a global online dictionary for the hearing impaired run by the European Sign Language Centre (ESC) — a non-profit organisation promoting access to and use of sign language. The service documents all the different sign languages in the world and make them accessible through a digital service. Kurppa Hosk supported the initiative by creating a distinctive visual identity for Spread The Sign, including a specially designed typography with icons for every letter in the sign-language alphabet.

“The inspiration for Spread The Sign’s visual identity came from the most essential tool for sign language – the hand,” the studio explain. “The logotype symbol is a play with the hand’s anatomy. Just like fingers take different positions for different signs, the logotype symbol is dynamic and can take on different positions.”

“The result is a modern and aspiring visual expression that challenges common wisdom on handicap tools and perhaps also on the hearing impaired.”

The studio were rewarded for their thorough efforts, awarded a special merit for the typography at the 2014 Tokyo Type Director’s Club.

The studio were contacted by a local, family-run seafood business to overhaul their name, brand strategy, brand identity, packaging design and other brand implementation. Falkenbergs Lax (“Falkenberg’s Salmon”) as it was then known, had started as a small company that specialised in smoked salmon. Over the years the company had expanded into other seafood, and was trading internationally, but this was not reflected in their branding. Kurppa Hosk worked on turning them into Korshags.

“The younger generation wanted to continue the company’s successful expansion, but felt that its company name, brand and visual appearance were limiting this effort,” explained the studio. “Falkenbergs Lax wished to transform the company and prepare it for future growth.”

Kurppa Hosk recommended a change to Korshags – the family name of the owners. The new identity acts as a brand with obvious roots in the original concept – family-owned, genuine and personal – but with a modern, transparent and more accurate, honest feel.

Kurppa Hosk take the documentation and archiving of their work seriously. See more of their new work on their comprehensive new site: http://kurppahosk.com/

All images: Kurppa Hosk

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