Meet Mexico’s ‘supermodern’ Made By Face studio

Published:  November 5, 2014
Bonnie Abbott

Meet Made By Face — a ‘supermodernist’ design studio out of Mexico, established in 2006 by Rik Brancho and Ricardo Tejada. In eight short years, the studio has tripled in size and cemented some strong relationships with enviable clients, many of them cultural groups in their local Monterrey, creating exciting but disciplined work. The studio introduces us to their practice by talking us through some of their favourite projects and achievements.


“After 6 years, Hardpop was in need of a little revamping. Named twice by DJ Mag as one of the best clubs in the world, we gave it a new identity with an added touch of minimal and modernism. Along with the obscure, mysterious quality of some of its elements, the concept of the brand is based on German military symbols, modernist typographies and layouts with a very Swiss-German style. In recreating this iconic identity, we gave the brand a “facelift” that evokes both the classic and modern styles that can be found inside its walls.”

“For the creation of thier DOS album compilation, we contributed with the art direction and the album’s design.

“We kept the design clean and in sync with Hardpop’s modern, minimal identity, but we played it up with foil, photography and type layout to create a look reminiscent of the noise, lights and rhythm of electronic music. The result is an album cover with a bold, eye-catching attitude. A fitting combination for this alliance between Phil Kieran and Hardpop.”

RMFF 2014

“Dedicated to bringing the best of national and international cinema to people all along the Mayan Riviera, the Riviera Maya Film Festival approached us with the idea of developing a new and fresh graphic concept for their upcoming 3rd edition.

“Using geometry and a fresh, vintage colour palette, we generated a visual language based on simplicity and the union of shapes and people, graphically represented by the famous sunsets of the Riviera Maya. The design itself is driven by the concept of connection, using a modular graphic system that speaks for itself and makes way for a modern yet classy style that fits all kinds of tastes.”


P Magazine

“Edited and curated by us and photographer duo Cecy Young and Mariana García, P MAGAZINE is an annual, aesthetic object-book. Designed as a collector’s edition, The First Book is a vast collection of words and images — a dialogue between flesh and soul that basks in the universal glorification of female beauty, showcased in a raw, visceral aesthetic.

“To allow the visual experience to better speak for itself, we kept the design as simple and unobtrusive as possible, focusing on a careful selection of fonts, margins, layouts, and materials that would only enhance it. We kept a tight lid on the quality of the entire product. Be it the packaging, the added goodies (a poster and a tote-bag), the editorial finesse, or the content itself, we made sure that it would all add up to this, our contribution to beauty.”

The Second Book, P MAGAZINE 2 is, as of October 2014, now available.


Pastilla Digital

“For more than a decade, Pastilla Digital has been delighting northern Mexico with an impressive lineup of music events, inviting some of the best underground DJs in the international electronic music scene. Their contribution hasn’t been limited to music, though; it can be said that graphic design in northern Mexico was heavily influenced by the innovative, experimental eye-candy of their famous posters and flyers.

“From the project’s very beginning the goal was to design without limits, to experiment with all sorts of materials, inks, and finishes, and to create an output of stunning, stimulating visuals that people can’t help but want to collect.”



“Distributed in Monterrey and Mexico City, two of the busiest, most design-driven centres in the country, Folio is a quarterly design journal. Creatively conceived as a stylish shell, a simple and unobtrusive design fashioned to allow its content to shine through, we applied this philosophy throughout all the project. The result is a bold, straightforward look that appeals to a wide range of tastes whilst pushing the line for a growing standard of good design.

“The layout is inspired on self-explaining technical documents, which makes it a very straightforward, efficient manner of labelling the content. A collection of stylish, fool-proof fonts and the overlapping of photos enhance the aesthetic appeal.”


“Headquartered in Monterrey, Nrmal has been at the head of the alternative nightlife scene in this corner of northern Mexico for many years, promoting and producing some of the most attended events, parties and concerts.

“Using an infallible combination of swiss grids, Helvetica Neue, and optical art illustration, we created a series of breathtaking, geometrical concert flyers that will brave the test of time.”


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