Mixtape: Back to the ’90s

Published:  March 5, 2013
Heath Killen
Mixtape: Back to the ’90s

Our monthly mixtape series is back for 2013! You may recall last year Ron Radge was producing mixes to accompany our print issues (check out Sea Change, Print & Paper, and Futureproof here) but this year we’ll be doing things a little differently, inviting a series of special guests to contribute a mix each month, again based on the theme of the issue.

To celebrate the release of the issue #291 (March – Back to the 90′s), our friend Jordan Doheguy (under his Waves At Night alias) has made an exclusive mix on the issue’s theme of the ’90s. JD had the following to say about his mix, which he’s titled Makin’ a Living.

“As Detroit techno and Chicago house progressed through its mid 1980′s origins into the 90′s, everything got warmer and silkier. The Nu Groove label appeared right in the middle of this progression and released some of the most consistently sound evolving and defining house records around.”

“This is not a Nu Groove mix, but a tribute to that warm, pad heavy, soft bedroom-ready house records of the 90′s.”

We hope you enjoy this mix. Don’t forget you can join us on Mixcloud to hear previous and upcoming mixes too.

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