Moffitt.Moffitt update their website with polished branding projects

Published:  June 10, 2014
Lucy Waddington

A recent site update from Sydney-based Moffitt.Moffitt unveils a plethora of projects that are sure to keep you scrolling throughout your lunch break and into the early hours of the morning. Having collaborated with some of the most influential creatives and brands across the globe, the studio operates with an air of corporate refinement that does all but muffle their dynamic visual expression. With articulation and a careful eye for curated cohesion, the studio dabble in formulating identities for companies and collectives alike.

Project branding: The Woolstores

One of Sydney’s most exciting urban renewal projects, The Woolstores, is a residential structure composed of three restored woolsheds from World War II that are ready and waiting to be inhabited. The complex “embraces it’s industrial heritage while creating a new benchmark in modern commercial spaces.” Printed on uncoated stock, the marketing brochure echoes the tactile nature of the reimagined spaces, while the website, signage and brand imagery are brimming with monochromatic drama that seems to be washed by hazy outback light. The precinct imagery embraces the warm depth of rust and aged raw materials to inspire comfort and tangible charm.


Event branding: GE at Work 2013

Looking to build on its growing presence as a technology authority, GE commissioned a cohesive visual and experiential identity for their At Work event. Derived from a key strategic insight, the event identity aimed to encapsulate “the disruptive yet ultimately beneficial impact of technology and data on business.” Three-dimensional geodes were deliberately converged and disrupted in a swathe of almost luminescent orange, blue and purple, for the sake of agitated energy to be tamed by digital motion signage and corporate print collateral. Branded video content and environmental design continue to mimic faceted forms across the brand, interjected with subtly rounded edges of sans-serif typography.


Portfolio branding: Gary Heery, Photographer

Commissioned to design the career retrospective of renowned Australian photographer, Gary Heery, a selection of images spanning across four decades were compiled to celebrate his most iconic portraits, flora and fauna collections, fine art projects and commercial work. Sidestepping the stock-standard formula of following a chronological narrative, the book instead juxtaposes the differences between each approach and unique moment by including spreads that encourage contrast. The studio also published a condensed version of the retrospective, titled Non Fiction, from his “days at Rolling Stone magazine to his experiences with animals in his award winning book: Zoo, Gary’s tales are as remarkable as the images he captures.”



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