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Published:  January 4, 2016
Jamuna Raj

Pause Fest Motion Response 2016 features studios from Amsterdam, Seoul, London, Singapore, New York, Vienna, Melbourne and Ballarat.

Motion Response is Pause Fest’s signature initiative that allows artists to gain back creative control, experiment, engage with their team and have fun in the process. Over five years, various studios have won six golden awards, while many others have been shortlisted in highly acclaimed international festivals and award shows.


Storyboard by Territory, London

Each year, 10 studios and artists are selected to work on the animation project. This is a highly creative and collaborative initiative that will bond the teams and allow ultimate experimentation. It’s a half-a-year passion project that gets whole world talking, sharing and inspiring.

This year, the following 10 studios have been selected to participate in Pause Motion Response 2016:

  • Dirty Puppet, Melbourne
  • Brett Morris, Los Angeles
  • Territory, London
  • Cyrill Durigon, Paris
  • Mass Motion, Ballarat
  • Pixel, Melbourne
  • Naoko Hara, New York
  • Method Studios, Melbourne
  • Neon Golden, Vienna
  • CraveFX, Singapore

The studios will create animation videos inspired by the theme of the festival, ‘Discover – your future self’.


Storyboard by Pixel, Melbourne


Storyboard by CraveFX, Singapore


Storyboard by Brett Morris, Los Angeles

The storyboards from these studios have come streaming in to the organisers. The judges – who are from Pause Fest, The Foundry and Maxon – will pick the best submission and invite that studio to present to the conference about their creative process.

Which studio will receive the nod from the judges? We’ll find out in February 2016 at Pause Fest.

This article first appeared in the desktop-Pause special.
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