Published:  February 1, 2013
Heath Killen

PCP is the musical alias of Melbourne designer Luke Brown, and he has just released his debut album under the moniker. The self titled release (almost entirely written, recorded, and engineered by Brown himself) is now available via Bandcamp in a variety of digital formats, and for a few lucky people, there is the option to purchase the album with a flag.

The PCP flag which is featured on the album cover was designed by Brown in collaboration with another Melbourne designer, Jordan ‘JD’ Dolheguy. It’s a unique project and the combination of bold colours and shapes makes for a striking design.

Brown had this to say about the project, and his collaboration with Dolheguy

“The actual design of the flag was a matter of bouncing ideas back and forth between JD and myself. We both love the iconic nature of flags. Their simplicity and power, how bold and memorable they can be. By giving PCP his own flag we could give him a voice before anyone even listens to the music.”

“Visually, our ideas were derived from the music itself, which is dark and industrial, but with African and tribal influences. Synthesised Punks in Africa Post 2030 is the way we explain it. We wanted the design to have a punk edge relating to the industrial nature of the music and it’s ideology, hence the black, red and white colours. The Green symbolises the tribal elements and African references”

The flag had to look like there was a sense of history to it, but there had to be a modern context for the design. I wanted the rest of the album artwork to look even more modern, and with a sense of fun injected into it. I wanted to lose a bit of the seriousness without looking like a 90′s throwback, or have it appear comical in any way. Everything else just sort of came together by accident as we started shooting the flag.”

Head on over to the PCP Bandcamp page to purchase the 6 track EP, and if you’re lucky you may be able to grab one of the few remaining flags.


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