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Published:  February 11, 2015

Our February/March issue marks a new era of desktop, as we adapt to a climate where the distinction between creative disciplines is collapsing.

The new direction of the magazine explores a range of creative fields including graphic design, digital design, illustration, typography, photography, and interactive design. We’re here to investigate how our world and our lives are shaped by creativity in all its fluid forms.

Existing in the intersection of graphic practices, the relaunched and redesigned magazine aims to provoke curiosity and conversation across different visual disciplines.

Each issue will feature a trio of curated features, anchored around a central theme. First up in 2015 we dive into design psychology. We psych out with MA$H, one of the country’s most irreverent studios; AKQA investigate the potential design has to affect change in human behaviour; and Sean Hogan from Trampoline uses our pages to untangle the psychological obstacles that confront creative practice.

otfIn a new section we call One Thought From, we catch up with Tom Uglow, Creative Director at Google Creative Lab who shares a central idea that underpins his work. In each issue, this section will be accompanied by a commissioned portrait of our profiled creative. This issue we have a beautiful illustration of Tom by Kelly Thompson.


In a bid to encourage dialogue and collaboration, we’ll be pairing two studios or practitioners for Opposites React. Initially appearing quite different, the pair will examine the principles that inform the other’s work, finding the clashes and the surprising common ground. In this issue Oslo Davis and Cleon Peterson talk about representing human behaviour.


As we dig deeper into the culture of design, we’ve introduced new sections that investigate those strange or ubiquitous objects that quietly influence our lives, sometimes without us noticing. In this issue we explore the conversation surrounding wearable tech, and we look at the design history of a much taken-for-granted privilege: a functioning toilet.


Our extended coverage of digital design is rolled out across different iterations of experience: we investigate how this advancing media may change the way we learn, how it impacts working practice, and how adaptions of traditionally analogue projects are affecting new responsive experiences.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 1.51.11 pm

Lastly, one of the most exciting new initiatives in 2015 is our cover takeovers. For each issue we’ll be handing over the cover to a different studio, giving them the freedom to reinterpret the desktop identity, and present their take on the issue’s theme. For February/March, MA$H presented us with a radical departure from the desktop lineage. With a blatant disregard for the rules, we think their cover is indicative of the energy of the redesigned publication.  April/May will see a swing again, with Portugal’s The Royal Studio delivering their own cheeky reimagining of what a cover can be.

And keep an eye out for a refreshed desktop website launching later this year!

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— From Editor Katia Pase and Assistant Editor, Lucy Waddington.

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