Snap-draw-post, our top Snapchat artists to follow

Published:  February 9, 2016
Tara Watson

Originally conceived as a fun and visual exchange vehicle, Snapchat has become a surprising outlet for  artistic expression – where the sky is the limit.

Capturing and sending images that self-destruct after no more than 10 seconds, the ability to paint over the image has given budding artists a new medium to engage with and express themselves.


With an open book of ways people choose to tell their story, combining images of themselves or others with that of their imagination.

Here are desktop‘s five Snapchat artists that are worth a follow:

mplatco1. Mike Platco | @mplatco

Arguably the most renowned SnapChat artist around. ‘Snap-star’ Mike Platco commonly positioned himself or his dog within his Snapchats, creating cartoon images.

geeohsnap2. Geir Ove Pedersen | @geeohsnap

The Norwegian artist Geir Ove Pedersen likes to include unsuspecting people in his work, where the most simple of scenes can be transformed into any form of pop culture manifestation.

miologie3. Christine Mi | @miologie

Christine Mi is a professional Snapchat artist and clever creations have covered art history and cartoons; along with quirky self-transformations.

turbanchino4. Turban Chino | @turbanchino

Taking a comical stance, Turban Chino draws from pop culture, transforming private moments into public fodder. Using himself in his works, he is referred to by some as the ‘Pop King of Snapchat’.

cakes1todough15. Audrey Spencer | @cakes1todough1

Artist and industrial designer Audrey Spencer makes her own ‘Snapcats’, with her cats Oskar and Maya the focus of her creations- with hilarious results.

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