Studio snapshot: Design by Toko

Published:  August 27, 2015
Maggie Hellyer

Design by Toko is no stranger to the design scene. Launching into the industry back in 2001, the studio has since then added both national and international brands and organisations such as the Australian Institute of Architects, Virgin Australia, the New York Times, and the Capital Museum of China, to their growing and unique mix of clientele.




Founders and partners Eva Dijkstra – she is one of our judges for Create Design Awards 2015 - and Michael Lugmayr both graduated with a Master of Design [Cum Laude] from the Academy of Fine Art and Design, Breda, The Netherlands, and made the move to Sydney in 2007.

Their background and knowledge of European design integrated with the Australian design scene is a key element in their individual approach to delivering authentic and quality design solutions within branding, digital, spatial and print design.

What is distinctive of Design by Toko is their dedication to creating bespoke contemporary design in the varied domain of commerce and culture. They offer a full multidisciplinary creative service that is tailored to each individual client. Boasting a portfolio of major branding projects, visual communication projects and commercial undertakings, Design by Toko has a wealth of cultural knowledge and experience within the graphic design realm.

Some of their recent projects include a cluster sculpture installation as part of Sydney InDesign 2015. Hill St Bonfire was conceived through collaboration between Design by Toko and Australian design brands Arthur G, Euroluce, Workshopped and Luxumy Furniture. The concept of the sculpture was a protest against the manufacturing and saturation of replica furniture within the Australian market. The 3.5 metre bonfire comprised of awkward chair legs and lumps of coloured plastic featured billowing smoke for two days of the InDesign event.

The 'Hill St Bonfire'. Image courtesy of

The ‘Hill St Bonfire’. Image courtesy of

In contrast to this spatial and identity design project, Design by Toko have produced campaign development work for the City of Sydney, in which they designed the Walk/Ride campaign. The campaign featured throughout the city encouraged people to explore other means of transportation rather than driving or public transport. The visuals display imagery of bikes and people walking along with the slogan ‘Give yourself a lift.’ The use of recognisable symbols such as the traffic light walking man on backdrops such as green-for-go are aside from visually engaging, warmly suggesting inner city walking with phrases such as ‘enjoy’ and ‘healthy’, rather than being typically instructive.

Walk / Ride campaign. Image courtesy of

Walk / Ride campaign. Image courtesy of

From their Dutch roots and fine art education, it is fitting that Eva and Michael have expanded to create their Print Gallery in their Rushcutters Bay showroom. Print Gallery by Toko features art and movements seldom seen in Australia, which provides customers with rare and unique pieces. They sell screen prints, lithographs, limited edition serigraphs, and vintage prints acquired from international sources.


Print Gallery by Toko. Image courtesy of


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