The April/May desktop is here! Take a little look inside…

Published:  April 21, 2015
Katia Pase

Now that you’ve had time to recover from the excitement of our February/March relaunch issue, we’re ready to drop the next in line. This time round we’re looking into “spaces” — virtual, imagined and real. Inside the mag you’ll find designers and thinkers who harbour a keen awareness of the connection their work has to its environment, and of the ways this can be nurtured or ruptured.


First up, our cover comes from Portugal’s The Royal Studio. We gave João and his team the dimensions of the page and allowed them to take over completely, with the freedom to reinterpret the desktop identity, and present their take on the “spaces” theme. Their layered graphic landscape causes us to question those things we can’t see.

We hear more from The Royal Studio in Opposites React: a section where we pair two studios and make them talk. This round, we paired Royal with NODE Berlin Oslo for a conversation that pivots on working in a globalised industry, and the effect their respective cities have, or don’t have, on their creative output.


Across the issue, one enquiry that came up again and again concerns the expression and exchange of narrative materials, and the infrastructures that support this. Experimental London-based publisher Visual Editions plays with the materiality of text, using different forms and environments to bring stories to life. Jessica Yu, founding editor of digital storytelling website Betanarratives investigates translations of real life movements into virtual spaces. By unpacking the structure of games and interactive narratives, Yu charts the expanding horizons of human desire to move beyond what we know and where we are.


We begin our features by going on the road with the photographers and storytellers from The Adventure Handbook, to examine the relationships we have to our creative tools and to the places around us. Sydney duo KK+JLD takes the artificially created microenvironment of the magazine, and install a whole new world.


AGDA looks into co-working spaces, working on the road, and sustainable practices, with further contributions and new work from the likes of Johnny Kelly, Rachel Levit, Nous Vous’ Jay Cover and For the People’s Olivia King.


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  1. Diane

    I am a subscriber and a design veteran, having been in the industry for over 30 years, I am really looking forward to getting the newly designed Desktop mag! and not much excites me these days apart from typography and good design. Congrats to the team on this new issue design.

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