The Tweedles

Published:  February 8, 2010
Brendan McKnight
The Tweedles

Disney have just released these character progression images featuring Matt Lucas from Little Britain who is playing Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Tim Burton’s upcoming film Alice in Wonderland. Looks like the pair are going to be pretty hilarious.

Alice in Wonderland in glorious 3D is heading to a cinema near you early March.

All Images Copyright Disney

To start the shot of the Tweedles in the Red Queen’s throne room, Matt Lucas (on the left) is photographed on the green-screen stage wearing the “Tweedle suit,” designed to stimulate the characters’ body shapes and movement. While the Tweedles’ bodies are ultimately animated, Lucas’ actual movements are captured on film and used as a basis. Image Copyright Disney.

Lucas and his double trade places and film the same scene again, so that Lucas’ performance as the other Tweedle can be captured. Image Copyright Disney.

A reference shot incorporating both Lucas’ facial performances (which will later make their way into the final shot) is handed over to layout and animation, where the body performances (incorporating Lucas’ on-set performance) are created. Image Copyright Disney.

The Tweedles and monkeys are placed in the layout of the Red Queen’s throne room. Lucas’ facial performances float above the animated character for matching. For the effect to be seamless, the animation has to be very precise. Image Copyright Disney.

Sony Imageworks artists add realism, by creating movement in the clothing, suspenders and soft bellies and faces. Image Copyright Disney.

The final composite shows Lucas’ color-corrected facial performances perfectly aligned with the computer-generated head. The lighting, reflections, shadows and surface texture all combine to produce vivid characters in a fully-realized world. Image Copyright Disney.

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  1. Ben Nelson

    this is cool!

  2. Lady Scurvy

    It is super cool – love Matt Lucas!

  3. mindfreak

    cann’t wait for this movie!!

  4. Vanita Jenkins

    ..At least this Burton movie has some other people in it and not just Depp and Bonham Carter :) . Not sure about Anne Hathaway though..?

  5. alex

    wow, great to see the behind the scenes “magic”.

  6. James J

    Soo gonna see this@imax!

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