Things on Friday with Wade Jeffree

Published:  April 10, 2015

At the end of each week we’ll be roping-in a special guest to share the best things they saw or did or stumbled upon over the past 7 days. This week we’ve got Australian born, NYC-based designer and art director Wade Jeffree bringing you the good and the weird from his week, for Things on Friday.



Henrik Nygren’s monograph

For me, Henrik Nygren’s work is the epitome of restraint, attention to detail and refined typographic sensibility. For the past 20 years his practice has remained unchanged, with the output and stylistic qualities of his work remaining steadfast and true to his ethos of design. For me, that is truly commendable.

His 896-page monograph Grafisk Design: Henrik Nygren looks at his career and adds more depth to his already brilliant work. I cannot recommend it enough. It’s fucking big, it’s filled with brilliant work and essays. What more could you want from a monograph?

henrik 1

henrik 2henrik 3

henrik 4


Related: This talk (above) he did at Walker Arts last year is also highly recommended.

Earl Sweatshirt’s new video

Really loved everything about Hiro Murai’s video for Earl Sweatshirt’s new song ‘Grief’. The video was shot with a thermal camera and turned black and white, so it’s visually arresting to say the least. It’s paced slowly and has a simple narrative, something common across Murai’s work, though it never appears boring, just smart.

Murai has also made videos for Flying Lotus, Chet Faker, Shabazz Palaces, and his video for Childish Gambino’s ‘Sweatpants’ is one of my favourites ever — yes, probably ever.

Typeset In The Future

Typeset In The Future is a site ‘dedicated to fonts in sci-fi’, with analyses of the films Alien and Moon and a profile on the ever-present typeface Eurostile. It’s refreshing to see a breakdown of one of the many facets that make these movies so compelling. I’m hooked.

Captain Dallas wearing Pump Demi in Alien

Captain Dallas wearing Pump Demi in Alien

Related: The Making of Magic, a book about making 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s designed by M/M Paris, and it’s next level. I had the pleasure of going through it last week, but with that $1,500 price point I may need to save a few pennies before jumping in.



Altering our collective consciousness 

I’m at an early stage of reading Celia Lury’s Prosthetic Culture: Photography, Memory and Identity, but the discussion is so thought-provoking and relevant that it’s hard to put down. Here’s a little more thorough breakdown straight from the horse’s mouth (i.e. the book’s own synopsis): 

“In a fascinating account of how technology is altering our consciousness, Celia Lury shows how the manipulation of photographic images and ways of seeing can so redefine the relation between consciousness, the body and memory as to create a ‘prosthetic culture’ whose capacities both extend and threaten our humanity.”

“We live in a society in which some memories can be falsely implanted in the individual while others are stored in video archives of images, in which the powers of cartoon superheroes break through the limitations of time and space. Using the examples of photo-therapy, family albums, Benetton advertising campaigns, the phenomenon of false memory syndrome and the ‘lives’ of cartoon characters this book argues that the ‘eyes’ made available by contemporary visual technologies involve not simply specific ways of seeing, but also ways of life.”

Everything by Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien’s work is so good on so many levels. He’s prolific — working across illustration, photography, video, costume, installations, books, posters and clothing — and he’s on point every time. Follow him on Instagram if you want to wake up to goodness.

Photo by Daniel Arnold

Photo by Daniel Arnold

It's Friday! by Jean Jullien

It’s Friday! by Jean Jullien 

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