Louis Bullock

Published:  June 5, 2015
FOLIO Student

Robert Bullock, Counselling & Supervision

My father Robert runs a counselling and supervision practice with a strong focus on ethical methods, and a sensitive approach.

The logo’s form is combines the symbol known as an Ensō of Zen Buddhist origins with a simplified Japanese Maple tree, harking back to Robert’s Canadian upbringing.

The navy blue colour comes from traditional Japanese ceramic work, a nod to Robert’s interest in aesthetics of Asia, simplicity and sensitivity.

The branding aims to present Robert in a professional manner, while showing him being in tune with people and the natural world. There’s a strong appreciation for all that is natural, and as such, it increases the personal connection.

In the realm of counselling, one may find the branding of a percentage of counsellors is limited in its creativity. Often, they settle for imagery, and solutions that lack something personal, something organic, fragile — human.

I feel my work with Robert has this human element to it, there’s an approachability, a levelheadedness. This was key in the process of this branding, to avoid anything devoid of emotion and beauty, to be too corporate and soulless.


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