Another excuse to drink coffee

Published:  May 5, 2010
Another excuse to drink coffee

Just when you thought you were going to break that coffee habit of yours, along came the BYO Coffee Cup. The idea behind products like this is that we will limit the use of disposable items – coffee cups in this case. Take the cup into your local coffee shop and get it filled up with your favourite type of caffeine intake. Give it a wash and repeat.

Aesthetically the BYO is very similar to a conventional takeaway coffee cup, which is why I love it and own two of them.

To check out the BYO Coffee Cup head to

For a more stylised reusable coffee cup, there is the Keep Cup, branded beautifully by design studio SouthSouthWest.

Image Copyright Hookturn Industries

Image Copyright Hookturn Industries


Image Copyright Hookturn Industries

3 Responses

  1. DW

    I like the look of these babies more than keep cups :P

  2. shanE

    i agree – these are lovely

  3. Just keep it safe from office cleaner’s hands … might get thrown away by accident!!

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