House of Meggs

Published:  February 10, 2010
House of Meggs

Not being able to wield a spray can for anything other than adding hairspray to my immaculately styled fringe I often find myself stopping to admire the handywork of Melbourne’s many talented and often ignored artists. While the debate rages about whether or not graffiti is a legitimate art form or simply vandalism I prefer instead to step aside from the politics and appreciate the beautiful and original work that can be found on the walls of Melbourne’s many laneways. This art somehow makes me feel safer, knowing that someone has taken the time to beautify what might otherwise simply exist as a dank, pee-smelling, rubbish infested alley. It also reminds me that even in dark corners beauty still breeds. If you take the time to look carefully you might just find the work of Meggs nestled in amongst the colour, and you’re day may even be the better for it if you do.

All Images Copyright Meggs

All Images Copyright Meggs










2 Responses

  1. ezzy mak 123

    nice fusion of graff with comic/ manga art

  2. cat

    The Astro Boy piece is terrific

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