Keith Haring x Tommy Hilfiger

Published:  February 9, 2010
Brendan McKnight
Keith Haring x Tommy Hilfiger

Yep, you guessed it – another footwear collaboration and this time it’s Tommy Hilfiger with a collection of sneakers and rain boots featuring Keith Haring prints. This small, limited edition collection was created in association with the Keith Haring Foundation and proceeds go towards supporting research and caretaking organizations that fight against AIDS.

Currently only available at Colette, Paris, these babies are going to sell out quick.


6 Responses

  1. Janey

    wicked gumboots

  2. nIShy

    There used to be a Keith Harring mural outside my college in Collingwood.. wonder if it’s still there? Cool shoes. N

  3. shannon

    it would be sad to get mud on the boots :( . ho hum

  4. pringle82

    ok i need these!

  5. I’ll have one of the pink pair, and one of the gumboots please, Brendan! Hmmm… Actually, just in case the pink ones get dirty I better get some back up white ones please. ;o )

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