Lego do Toy Story

Published:  February 11, 2010
Brendan McKnight
Lego do Toy Story

So I was venturing through the shed on the weekend and came across my old Lego pirate ship (which is now proudly displayed on my shelf I might add) and I couldn’t help but wonder what Lego are up to these days.  I had a bit of a look and turns out they happen to have just released the most awesome collection. It’s Lego, it’s Toy Story and in my books it’s the best collaboration since Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers did Islands in the Stream. They even have a set based on the army men. Too cool!
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7 Responses

  1. Erin Skinner

    How cute is the little alien man?!

  2. JessicaL

    my nephew will love these – thanks

  3. JR

    i agree – this is a great collab. lego should work with some fashion designers to come up with some ace merch

  4. Hey, absolutlty love the site and will definatley be coming back in the near future!

  5. Karl

    Oh man, is it too early to buy myself a Christmas present? I wish I still had my old box of Lego :(

  6. Hi, also love the Toy Story movies, super film!

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