Mmhmm Origami

Published:  February 25, 2010
Alison Copley
Mmhmm Origami

It’s still close to the beginning of the year but you’ve probably abandoned the pact that you made with yourself to eat better this year. Sound familiar? Well here’s a little something to help you back onto the right path again – an origami hamburger set.

Stay amused for hours as you expertly fold your own fake junk food tray of hamburgers, chips and a cold drink and then sit back to admire it… and probably yearn for it to be real. Actually this may inspire you to visit McDonald’s, so I do apologise!

Images courtesy curiosityshoppeonline


3 Responses

  1. Sophie Lovett

    AWESOME, where can I get one?

  2. pringle82

    great! wonder how difficult they are to put together :)

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