T-Shirt War

Published:  March 2, 2010
Brendan McKnight
T-Shirt War

Two million + views can’t be wrong. Check out this stop-motion animation by Internetainers (yes it’s a word apparently) Rhett&Link. Sure, it’s a little Justice D.A.N.C.E, but these guys did it the old school way without relying on computers, so that’s pretty ace.

The shoot took two days to complete and over 200 individually screen-printed shirts were used.

3 Responses

  1. MattJ

    wow – this would have taken forever. nice work

  2. Cat

    Very clever, I like this one much better than the Justice video. Something more crafty / homemade / flawed about this one.

  3. claire

    these dudes have too much time on their hands! but im kinda happy that they do!

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