2011-2012 AGDA council announced

Published:  November 3, 2011
2011-2012 AGDA council announced

AGDA has announced the selection of its national and state councils for 2011 – 2012.

Former AGDA Queensland Vice-President, Paul van Barneveld, takes the reins from Brenton Murray as National President and believes that 2012 will be a year of change for AGDA.I am passionate about the Australian graphic design industry and AGDA as an association. The past two to three years have been challenging for the Australian graphic design industry, and the initiatives that AGDA has introduced over that period, in response to those challenges, must continue to be implemented,” he says. One of the initiatives is the recent Enterprise Connect Business Review, which “identified a need for significant structural reorganisation to the AGDA business, which will take place progressively from this year.”

“Additionally, the next 12 – 24 months will be a crucial period for Australian graphic design businesses as they respond to the evolution occurring in our industry. Government-led design integration programs such as the Ulysses Program in Queensland, represent a marked change from the norms of how graphic designers interact with their clients and AGDA must evolve with these changes. As Queensland Vice President and an AdA director, I have already been working with governments in the realm of design integration programs and as National President I plan to lead the National Council and the members as a whole to understand and embrace the significance of this change,” he explains.

The full AGDA council listing is:


Paul van Barneveld

Vice President
Paul Dennis

Nic Eldridge

Kate Owen

State Chapter Representatives:

Liz Grant
Shannon Rennie

Sean Aley
Glen Barry

Tanja Hall
Paul van Barneveld

Kellie Campbell-Illingworth
Nic Eldridge

Kate Owen

Nicki Wragg

Paul Dennis
Brendan Hibbert

We asked Paul to tell us a little bit more about his previous AGDA involvement and design industry history:

My career in the graphic design industry spans 24 years, during which I have worked with a wide variety of clients in many industries. I have managed my own graphic design and branding agency, Brave Creative, since 1997.

Working closely with clients to develop brands that go beyond just the visual image, my specialty is creating brands that define the personality of a business and how it will communicate with its customers through all touch points. The experience I have gained by owning my own agency and working with my clients on this level, gives me an aptitude and ability to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a business and identify where improvements can be made. I see these skills as vital in my ability to lead AGDA through its transition to becoming a stronger association over the next two years.

I have been a long-term contributor to AGDA sitting on the Queensland and National Council for the past eight years. I believe in the value that graphic designers can bring to business and I have worked closely with the executive members of both the Queensland and National Councils to raise the profile of the Australian graphic design industry. I also represent AGDA through my appointment as a board member of the Australian Design Alliance (AdA), a collective body of the lead Australian design organisations with the objective of advocating the value of design to government and business.

My AGDA achievements include:

  • Organised and delivered the AGDA National Conferences as Conference Chairperson (2005 and 2007)
  • Participated in the AGDA Constitution Modernisation Project leading to the adoption of a new Constitution by Members (2007).
  • Reviewed the National membership renewal process to address the growing number of non-renewals, recommending the adoption of a revised process until the implementation of online membership renewals (2007).
  • Initiated and managed the AGDA Strategic Plan 2010-2012 development, which identified AGDA’s culture, mission statement, vision and values and led to the introduction of the Portfolio System which helps AGDA to deliver the identified goals, targets and strategies (2009-2010).
  • Worked on the organising committee for ICOGRADA Design Week in Brisbane (2008-2010)
  • Acted as an international Ambassador for AGDA in Canada at the ICOGRADA Design Week in Vancouver, in Spain at the ICOGRADA Design Week in Madrid, and in New Zealand at the Better By Design CEO Summit in Auckland, all of which have strengthened AGDA’s relationships with key international design bodies assisting AGDA to stay current and relevant to its members (2010)
  • Appointed as AGDA’s Representative Member and Director of the Australian Design Alliance (AdA) (2010- )
  • Organised and delivered the 2010 AGDA National Awards Dinner as Awards Chair (2010)
  • Participated in the Enterprise Connect Business Review of AGDA the organisation (2011- )
  • Built strong relationships with the Queensland Government including Creative Industries and the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, alongside the Queensland State President and Queensland Council, (2009- )

Thumbail image: Les Dixon.

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  1. This is a very exciting appointment. We use Brave Creative here in the UK for strategic branding of new businesses simply because we haven’t found any better in the local London market!

  2. Congratulations Paul – and good luck to all AGDA council members for the year ahead.

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