2013 Victorian Architecture Awards Exhibition of Entries

Published:  June 4, 2013
2013 Victorian Architecture Awards Exhibition of Entries

This exhibition celebrates the 240 projects entered in the 2013 Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Architecture Awards, and runs from June 6th — 29th at the Pin-Up Project Space in Collingwood.

Nowhere in Australia is the process of making architecture as unique as it is in Victoria, particularly in Melbourne, a city where architecture makes such a tangible contribution to the cultural life of the city.

The exhibition integrates a range of material: the physical hanging of entrant’s A2 project boards displayed in category groups and additionally the display of entrant’s 60 second digital films. This is the first time filmic material has been included in the exhibition of entries and it marks an exciting new direction for the presentation of architectural work. The intent is to initiate dialogue about the nature of architectural exhibition more generally, as well to query how architecture may communicate its intangible concepts and qualities through making but also through perception and representation.

The bold exhibition design is by students of MADA – Monash University’s Faculty of Art Design & Architecture. Along with the exhibition design, MADA contributes the presentation and re-presentation of the filmic material as well as the design and compilation of the 2013 Victorian Architecture Awards Exhibition Catalogue.

The films have been re-presented via an interdisciplinary workshop run under the direction of Callum Morton and the printed materials are the product of a Design Communication studio led by Warren Taylor.

A 128pp publication will be available after the launch, from the gallery.

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