New Food Publication Wears The Crown

Published:  November 18, 2013
New Food Publication Wears The Crown

To the butcher, the charted cuts of lamb are topped by a crown, named the scrag end, where the animal’s neck once lay. It was in the spirit of (almost) nose to tail butchery that brothers Björn (designer) and Sascha (chef) Rust drew the name of their food publication, Scrag End Journal, a new title that explores food culture—the making, eating and sharing of it, and the thoughts and stories that spring from it—yet without a recipe or review in sight.

As a duo, the brothers edited and designed the pilot issue, having both found themselves in a similar situation—inspired and looking for a project—at the same time in their careers. The proliferation of food (or ‘foodie’) magazines has meant that Scrag End needed a unique approach, and this appears to be it. The focus on the culture of food and consumption encompasses the fish and chip shop owner’s story of sustainability ethics, the genesis of food cool, the arrogance of specialty coffee baristas and a profile of a Queen Vic Market butcher—stories that are written with a personal accent, rather than reportage. A read through their small ‘pilot’ issue, Issue 0, leaves an aftertaste of wider context, and social understanding, of what’s upon your plate.

“It didn’t have to be big, just passionate,” explained Björn. “We have tried to extend food dialogue beyond the plate and kitchen and into the farms and minds behind it.” Sascha adds “The common feature through the stories is an entirely honest retelling of personal experiences and opinions of those very deeply involved in progressive food production.”


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