99designs x Occupy

Published:  February 9, 2012
99designs x Occupy

99designs has made the news again. This time for taking on a rather unexpected client.

The recent ‘Occupy movement’, which shook cities worldwide through protestors speaking out and ‘camping out’ against corporate greed (and other societal hurts), is looking for a logo and has turned to corporate crowdsourcing giant 99designs for help.

In what is being tipped to be 99designs’ biggest crowdsourced project ever, the ‘Occupy logo contest’ has already attracted nearly 9000 design submissions worldwide. According to occupy.com, it’s looking for more than just the iconic Clenched Fist and is wanting designers to:

“Create a new iconic symbol for resistance, solidarity and empowerment in the 21st century. It should appeal to a broad base and reflect the diversity of the 99%, while encompassing the values of the Occupy Movement – among them, integrity, justice, freedom, equality, compassion, community and true democracy.”

The logo is to be used predominantly on occupy.com and on Occupy’s Twitter profile.

We’ve asked for your thoughts on crowdsourcing design before and we’ve sent your crowdsourcing concerns to 99design’s CEO to answer. Now tell us your thoughts on this competition… just leave a comment below.

16 Responses

  1. Lisa

    Designers unite, start up an account at 99designs and all post the same submission, something that “reflects their iconic symbol of resistance” – such as a hand flipping the bird. Yeah?

    In all seriousness; designers, just refrain from taking part in crowdsourcing sites.

  2. Roberta

    Good grief. Of all organizations to utilize the talent abuse capitalization that goes on with 99designs, Occupy? Really? Goes against the values of the movement and completely discredits their motivations for me.

  3. Matt

    and will 99designs pay all the 9000 designers for spending hours working on a logo idea – of course not. Nothing like the exploitation of the 90% of design slave labour in the world to please the 10%.

  4. How embarrassing for occupy.com The organisers should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. Bring on the crowd sourcing debate…

  6. We should all give them comic sans and be done with them.

  7. One World 4 All Mankind

    Come on people! No one is forcing you to take part. Freedom of choice guys. Don’t discredit other designers who enjoy taking part in crowdsourcing, stop whinging and get on with it :P

    • Roberta

      We won’t have to discredit them as no self-respecting designer would take part in the first place. You do good work, you get paid.

  8. Flyn

    It’s ironic though don’t we think. The 99% ‘represents’ the down trodden (or something) majority and this is a contest where less than 1% win. Right? I mean…right?

  9. Quick ! , every designer jump in, otherwise you’ll be left out of… “The Great race To The Bottom”

  10. I’ll fess up to entering a couple of competitions at 99designs last year when I was in the beginning stages of starting my business and desperate for money. I won first go – it was an easy win and I thought I might be onto a good thing.

    Thankfully I’ve come to my senses – and not just because I lost the subsequent few either. ;) These sites really are bad news for the design community on so many levels. Particularly because of the mean spiritedness of a large number of “designers” there. I’ve never seen such an unsupportive bunch of people as I have at 99designs.

  11. Why “designers” buy in the to the 99Designs model. Completely undermines any value in what we do as an industry by selling our services at below cost. Sort of like bin diving for food behind Coles.

  12. Jess

    Oh you design people… :)

    You’ll be doing something great for a fantastic cause and just think, you could end up being as well-known as Shepard Fairey. The now famous Obama poster, anyone??

    It’s called exposure, people. And for a good cause.

    Everyone wins.

  13. I was recently made redundant from a job my job because they were outsourcing from a studio rather than inhouse. I’m guessing the studio is 99designs.com, cheaper and much more done. There’s that old saying “be careful what you wish for.”

  14. How awful! I am so disappointed that Occupy would be involved with a company that is exploiting designer’s growing desperation to earn a wage. Crowd-sourcing completely undermines not only our industry, but other creative industries too. Creatives deserve to be paid fairly for their time, just like anyone else.

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