A lively new look for London’s Luton airport

Published:  December 17, 2014

The oft forgotten sibling of Gatwick and Heathrow, Luton is London’s third avenue for domestic and international transit. Having donned an arguably bland identity for at least the past decade, the space was in need of a refreshing touch of colour — this time supplied by Ico Design, with type and icons developed by Gijon-based studio Atipo.

Ahead of a £100 million redevelopment program, the updated brand identity aims to reposition Luton as one of London’s leading airports. To launch the new look, Ico “created a temporary exhibition aimed at both staff and passengers,” to bring “the new identity to life whilst succinctly explaining the long-term benefits that the investment will bring for LLA.” In collaboration with architects 31/44, the studio developed a space that would be “informative, engaging and playful” for all visitors.

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Explaining that, “rebranding an airport is no easy task,” the studio were approached to create a brand that would inform its future direction as a “passenger-focused airport.” Working closely with the key stakeholders led to the definition of four core values to be reiterated across the brand. “These are expressed in the simplicity and dynamism of the new visual identity which is a clear statement of intent of the airport’s bold ambition for the future.” Ico will continue to work with Atipo as brand and design partners as the identity evolves, with a website and uniforms to be the next items rolled out.

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One of the first expressions of the new brand, was a “large scale photographic installation” within the departure and arrivals walkways. “Previously they were functional, uninspiring spaces that required a dramatic response to help start to change passengers perception of the airport.” In an effort to update tired travel imagery, “street photographers from across Europe were asked to respond to the brief ‘stories from the street’. Their unexpected images taken from key destinations were combined with large colour panels to create seamless super-graphics.”

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