ACMI launches 15 Second Place

Published:  September 8, 2011
ACMI launches 15 Second Place

“Around the corner, up the street, down the lane. Capture the mood of your place in 15 seconds.”

ACMI wants to know where you are, but you have a 15 second limit to respond. In a new initiative ’15 Second Place’, ACMI is encouraging video submissions (shot on mobile phones) to be uploaded to the website or accompanying app.

It’s supported by the Department of Education and Early Child Development and is aiming to encourage students/aspiring filmmakers (and actually just everyone) to explore spaces and places around them, using short films to tell a story about their surrounds. ACMI will also set a series of monthly challenges encouraging users to upload videos to the 15 Second Place website according to varying criteria.

For more information, check out the website or find it in the app store and start uploading your 15 seconds now.

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