Adobe Brush turns any object into paint

Published:  October 8, 2014

Adobe Brush is a free app for iOS (as well as Illustrator and Photoshop on the desktop via automatic Adobe Cloud syncing) that allows you to scan and etch anything you can get your hands on, then easily turn it into a fully functioning palette brush. Such a function was once a taxing task, and the results not always worth the effort. Now it is just plain fun, if a little flawed, as Fast Co. report.

In developments that merge the manual and the virtual, Adobe are working to eliminate a mouse and keyboard driven system with Adobe Brush and their latest version of Photoshop Sketch. The premise is simple: you can place anything on a white piece of paper, take a photo, then set parameters and preferences to use the brush immediately on iOS or your desktop Adobe applications. Digitise any mark or shape, from messy charcoal to precision in ink, an aluminium can or your best friend – you’re merely limited by what you can capture.

As you can see, for some styles of illustration, this is potentially a huge time-saving function. But now that it is so easy, and there is no longer an impetus to do it manually, there is likely to be an explosion and decline in such styles.

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Adobe Brush is available now as a free download — created brushes can be used on Adobe’s Photoshop Sketch tablet app, as well as Illustrator and Photoshop on the desktop via automatic Adobe Cloud syncing.

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