AGDA Folio Night 2011

Published:  November 30, 2011
AGDA Folio Night 2011

Need some advice on presenting your folio? AGDA’s upcoming Folio Night presents a rare opportunity for students and recent graduates to receive tips from a handful of leading creative directors and designers.

The catch is though, that it’s in Melbourne and is only open to AGDA members. Each attendee will be given an opportunity to present a selection of work and receive feedback from a selection of the participating designers. Participating designers include: Canyon Brand Design, Hired Gun Online, DiDonato, Seesaw Design, The Mangrove Studio, Black Widow Design, HIVE Creative, Motherbird, Reactive, Tank, Fabio Ongarato Design and Made By Big.

It’ll be held at 6.30pm on 8 December at Rokeby Studios in Collingwood. The cost is $55 for AGDA members and $55 + Membership Fee for Non AGDA members. For more details, head to AGDA’s website.

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