Along the Way – Scott Albrecht’s solo exhibition

Published:  June 9, 2011
Along the Way – Scott Albrecht’s solo exhibition

New works by artist Scott Albrecht are being presented by Trick Go Philadelphia in a solo exhibition titled ALONG THE WAY.

The exhibition presents a series of three-dimensional works on hand-cut stained wood, hand-drawn typographic studies on vintage paper and screen prints by the internationally exhibited, Brooklyn-based artist.

Using his stylised textured aesthetic, Albrecht explores the theme of inspiration and discovery with each piece inspired by a specific moment within the artist’s life. These moments are artistically realised on discarded canvases of aged books, maps and wooden boxes, imbuing a unique and distinct quality to all of his works.

Co-founder of creative blog PROCESS, the young designer blends classic techniques with an alluring contemporary, albeit retro style. Albrecht’s work demonstrates organic design that isn’t afraid of imperfection. Graduating from The Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2003, Albrecht’s work has been displayed domestically within the United States and internationally.

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All Images Copyright Scott Albrecht.


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