Alphabet Studio and JCDecaux: The Pigeon Project

Published:  July 13, 2015
Gemma Pass

For over 10,000 years the pigeon has helped us to communicate and turn in the goods. From the delivery of military intelligence, to vials necessary for medical research; the humble ‘rat of the sky’ has done a lot more than we give it credit for. With the help of Sydney-based creative agency, Alphabet Studio, whose clients include Opera Australia and Sydney Opera House, the pigeon is back with a vengeance as the face of a new awareness campaign for The Pigeon Project – a research community delivered by outdoor advertising giants, JCDecaux.

A modern version of the carrier pigeon, JCDecaux is an international outdoor advertising company that works with councils to provide infrastructure and street furniture in exchange for a place to showcase advertising. Last year, JCDecaux embarked on a venture where instead of delivering messages from an advertiser to its consumers, they would create a platform for which consumers could send messages back; giving them chance to influence the future direction of their favourite Aussie brands.


Calling on Alphabet Studio, the distinctive awareness campaign took shape in a series of intentionally esoteric and quirky images that referenced and combined methods of communication throughout the ages. The content is spare and poses the question – Are you in? with no more information other than an large scaled image of a pigeon using various communication mediums and the project’s web address.

Pigeon Project

Pigeon Project-Driving commuters spare with curiosity, the campaign’s website had over 10,000 hits within its first week. The campaign, to no surprise, has also landed the Q3 Creative Collection award for Best Traditional Use of the OOH Medium.


Alphabet Studio
The Pigeon Project






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