Alquimie announces edition two

Published:  March 19, 2014

The second edition of Alquimie, an independent title released quarterly, is ready for pre-order. The publication focuses on a good drop of liquid (alcohol or non) as an entry point into larger cultural discussions on food, art and life, employing rich imagery and content sourced from contributors across the globe.

The core of the magazine is rooted in its publishers’ – Josh, James, Nic and Raul – common interest and personal experiences. Their aim, they explain, is to “simplify the complexities of beverage culture” through tales and investigation, without following current trends or popular beliefs.

The magazine’s design is headed-up by Nicholas Cary, of Process Journal #1-8, so you know the layout is solid and striking.

“In edition two, we encourage you to explore a couple of drinks that you might not ordinarily contemplate,” explained the publishers. “Our cover story on absinthe travels back to 18th century France and is intertwined with mysterious tones. Of more indulgent offerings, our bordeaux and whisky tastings are for relaxation and recommendation as to how best an arm-chair can be accompanied.

“Our pieces on real milk and clean water are thought-provoking and hold gravitas for our every day decisions. Our drink with David Bromley unearthed the wisdom of a successful artist whose unfailing pursuit of creativity consume all the hours of his day.”

The second edition is available for pre-order from the Alquimie website. Shipping will commence towards the end of March.

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