An internet, just for robots

Published:  February 21, 2011
An internet, just for robots

Robots are set to get their very own internet thanks to the work of European scientists. It’s called RobotEarth and it’s described as a database that robots will be able to upload data into as they learn it. Very similarly to how humans upload their own learned information to Wikipedia.

You may be wondering why there would be a need for robots to be able to this, or why they can’t just access the regular Internet as we do to locate information? Robots undertake tasks and ‘think’ differently to humans. RobotEarth will be specifically designed as a streamlined database for all robots to share their own unique coded experiences.

This will mean that scientists, programmers and designers won’t have to start from the same point with each robot, mitigating the need to repeat discoveries others have already made. In effect, the robot-making community will learn from each other and robot tasks and procedures will benefit in the process.

For example, if a human was to instruct a robot to ‘vacuum the carpet’, a robot won’t have to learn this task from scratch but instead access the database with numerous other robot’s experiences undertaking this task to best suit the environment at hand.

Down the track, a robot-creator may simply have to design the latest hardware for the robot and instruct it to access RobotEarth for all the solutions and tasks related to instructions.

Robototics is an area that’s quickly evolving and progressing and scientists believe we’re not that far away from having robot helpers (ala the best science fiction movies) in our own homes undertaking our mundane chores.

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  1. Uploading a collective consciousness.. Sounds very Cylon like :)

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