Apple announces iPhone 5c and 5s

Published:  September 11, 2013
Apple announces iPhone 5c and 5s

Apple  unveiled its latest smartphones in California this morning, splitting the release into an announcement of two phones — the sleek, urbane iPhone 5s and the bright, light-hearted (plastic) iPhone 5c.

The iPhone 5c is available in green, white, blue, red and yellow, colourful plastic caps that are attached on the back and sides, taking on the appearance of a cheery hardback protective case that was once purchased and attached by the consumer themselves. But now Apple has included cases as well, silicone covers with circular holes in contrasting colours (cropping the Apple branding on the back awkwardly), completing its jolly character. The lesser computing power and cheaper price is reported to be aimed at developing markets.

The second iPhone announced was the iPhone 5s. Boasting a high-grade aluminium and sparkling all over, it is available in three metallic finishes – silver, gold and “space grey”.

Apple’s decision to split the iPhone 5’s design in two — its accessibility emphasised in the iPhone 5c and its quality and sophistication emphasised in the iPhone 5s, is a compelling one. A broader reach appears the likely reason, the split is one of perceived quality and identity — are you fun, or are you sophisticated?

It could be asked — if you are fun, perhaps you don’t need a bright phone. If you are sophisticated, perhaps you feel an upgrade is wasteful.

Regardless, Apple has now supplied enough products for you to make a choice.


The iPhone 5c price begins at $739 for the 16GB and $869 for the 32GB. While, the iPhone 5s starts at $869 (16GB), $999 (32GB) and $1129 (64GB).

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