Art Month Sydney blends art/design boundaries

Published:  February 12, 2014

Image: Michael Taylor, Home Truths 

The 2014 program for Sydney’s largest annual celebration of contemporary art, Art Month Sydney, has been announced .

Beginning on March 1 and running until March 23, Art Month 2014 embraces the blending of boundaries between art and design, fashion, architecture and commerce.

The Art Month 2014 Artistic Director Scrap Wall states: “It’s no secret that there is a universal blending of boundaries between art-forms taking place around the globe. Barriers which once existed have been torn down as genres continue to spill into one another. By creating new pathways for creative thinkers to connect art forms, this generation of art makers is changing the way art is made and transforming the art-viewing experience.”

This year’s events and exhibition program will follow the theme ‘intersections and parallels’, and will showcase a broad range of responses from Australian and International contemporary artist’s and industry figures.

Event highlights include: 

Art and Philanthropy - A fascinating discussion about the state of art and philanthropy in Australia. Hosted by Fenella Kernebone, speakers include leading philanthropist Simon Mordant AM and collector James Roland.

What do we have left once entertainment has failed us? - Gallerists and artists explore how contemporary art morphs popular cultural forms and experiences, covering soap opera, gaming, cinema, the suburbs, gay marriage, and desire. Speakers include renowned Sydney artists Heath Franco, Mish Meijers and Tricky Walsh, along with Director of Campbelltown Arts Centre Michael Dagostino and curator Craig Judd.

Designer Collections: Australian designers on art and influence - Five high profile and widely respected Sydney designers (Henry Wilson, George Livissianis, Jonathan Logan, Tomek Archer and Liane Rossler) share five works that they had to have – or wish they could – and describe how the works have inspired their practice.

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