2013 Best Art Vinyl Winners

Published:  January 13, 2014

The sleeve design for White Lies’ Big TV album has been named the winner of 2013′s Best Art Vinyl Award, which was decided by public vote in November 2013.  The album cover, steered by the Art Direction by Gerard Saint and Markus Karlsson, features a painting by Michael Kagan.

The Michael Kagan oil painting used on White Lies’  winning album cover was one of a series he created in 2010 depicting astronauts. Interestingly, this was one of the few shortlisted sleeve designs which depicted an existing image – almost all of the artwork for the other 49 shortlisted album covers were designed in collaboration between the musicians and artists.

Art Vinyl award founder Andrew Heeps notes “In an era with a heavy focus on the digital music format, it is interesting to see that the public prefers such a traditional artistic technique as oil on canvas to associate with music.”

Andrew Heeps also commented on the public’s increasing tendency to purchase album covers as affordable wall art, and how this trend is reflected in the public’s choice to nominate a painted portrait as their favourite cover of 2013, and the move to recognise graphic designer as artists worth crediting (see: desktop Design + Music: No Credit Where Credit Is Due).

Take a look at all the shortlisted album covers of 2013 here

Braids, Flourish/Perish. Design by Marc Rimmer

Tindersticks, Across Six Leap Years. Design by Rob Duke.

Dutch Uncles, Out of Touch in the Wild. Design by DR.ME.

Pissed Jeans, Honeys. Design: Illustrations by Edward Kinsella III. Layout by Dusty Summers

This year’s winner: White Lies, Big TV. Artwork by Michael Kagan.

Forest Swords, Engravings. Design by Matthew Barne.

Mount Kimbie, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth. Design by Leif Podhajsky.

Washed Out, Paracosm. Design by Sasha Bar and Jeff Kleinsmith.

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