Desktop July issue: Augmented Reality special!

Published:  July 1, 2010
Desktop July issue: Augmented Reality special!


It’s the hologram of the future – today! Augmented Reality (AR) is the craze sweeping the nation that perhaps hasn’t swept you off your feet just yet – but that’s all about to change with the release of the very special July issue of Desktop magazine.

Sitting in the centre of the front cover of Desktop’s July issue you will find what is known as an Augmented Reality ‘Marker’ – a square box with a simple symbol, or pattern inside it. This has been set up to trigger your AR interaction. In order to activate this very cool experience you simply go to a designated online portal (located at where you will find instructions on how to use the marker by holding it up in front of your web cam. The marker then springs into life, instantly replaced by a Desktop inspired animation courtesy of the talented folks over at Boffswana.

“As you hold the marker up to your computer, a trapdoor will mysteriously appear on the cover of your copy of the July issue of Desktop magazine. You’ll see this on your computer or mobile screen. Slowly the trapdoors then open to reveal a set of mechanical arms, which spring into action to pull something out from the space below… but what is it? That’s for us to know and you to find out!” states Desktop’s Managing Editor, Jo Spurling.

“This is a first for an Australian based publication,” Jo continues. “And it goes without saying that we are super excited to be able to bring this new and engaging experience to our readers. Boffswana have done an amazing job in pulling this together in what was a very tight timeframe. They were a pleasure to work with and have gone beyond what was promised.”

For further information on the Desktop Augmented Reality issue please contact the Managing Editor, Jo Spurling on 03 9948 4900 or email:

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10 Responses

  1. Karl B

    Haha! Sounds awesome.

  2. DW

    How awwwwesome!

  3. ioanis

    Cool! Looking forward to having a play once I get my copy!

  4. cut and paste


  5. Bec Winnel

    Very cool! Tis the way of the future!

  6. jackson

    This is fantastic… Who can provide this kind of service?

  7. ash

    Love the idea and Especially the cover!

  8. Jackson – the lovely and talented people over at Boffswana created this for us

  9. Jo Spurling

    Such cool technology!

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